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How To Get Crucio (Unforgivable Curse) in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Get Crucio (Unforgivable Curse) in Hogwarts Legacy
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How To Get Crucio (Unforgivable Curse) in Hogwarts Legacy

Will you use the power bestowed upon you?

The three forbidden curses will be familiar to most fans of the Harry Potter universe, and if you’re playing through Avalanche Software’s acclaimed new RPG you can wield it for yourself. Here’s how to get Crucio (Unforgivable Curse) in Hogwarts Legacy if you’ve decided to role-play a more nefarious wizard or witch.

Getting Crucio (Unforgivable Curse) in Hogwarts Legacy

Throughout your Hogwarts adventure, there are various side quests to complete in addition to the main story, many of which offer new spells as a reward for their completion. This includes the three unforgivable curses, including Crucio, which can be unlocked through side missions for Slytherin student Sebastian Swallow. The quest is called “In the Shadow of the Study,” and it will appear after completing the main mission ‘Welcome to Hogsmeade.’

You can see the full list of quests necessary to get Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy. Note that some of the quests also reward you with other useful curses.

  • In the Shadow of the Bloodline
  • In the Shadow of the Study (Crucio)
  • In the Shadow of Discovery
  • In the Shadow of Time (Imperio)
  • In the Shadow o Distance
  • In the Shadow of Hope
  • In the Shadow of the Relic (Avada Kedavra)

Do note that you will need to make sure that when Sebastian Sallow prompts you to learn each of the curses you respond with your enthusiasm. If you reply no, the quest will move on and you will miss your chance to learn Crucio (and other spells in the questline).

What Crucio Does

Crucio is an offensive spell, which once cast causes damage over time to enemies. It’s especially useful against some of the stronger enemies encountered during the game. Do note, as we’ve explained in our detailed guide on the subject, there are no repercussions to using the three forbidden spells.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including our full overview of all spells in the game.

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