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Top 10 Coolest Legendary Pokemon of All Time

Image Source: OLM

Top 10 Coolest Legendary Pokemon of All Time

It was definitely not easy to pick from all the options available of cool Legendary Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon are a staple of the Pokemon franchise. Just about every game requires catching at least one to complete the story. They often feature the coolest designs, and that is what brings us here today.

Here are our top 10 coolest legendary Pokemon of all time.

10. Rayquaza

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Image Source: OLM

Honestly, some of the snake Pokemon are pretty dull, it’s just a fact. However, there is then Rayquaza, the massive green sky snake. It’s highly possible that Rayquaza would’ve been as delightfully menacing without the arms but tie the whole Pokemon together. Also, considering the yellow rings and the missile-like fins, this snake looks constantly ready to rumble.

As far as designs that straddle the design between cool and a nightmare, this is right up there. Imagine showing up to a Pokemon battle and throwing out your massive green sky god.

9. Zapdos

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Zapdos Legendary Bird
Image Source: OLM

Zapdos follows with the yellow and black design that a couple of other first-generation Electric Pokemon sport because, well, that color scheme is awesome. Zapdos’ electric design gives it a natural camouflage to hide in a lightning storm, considering all the jagged angles of its wings and tail.

Zapdos is the perfect level of cool amongst the birds just because it fits so clearly in the sky like a thunderbolt made real.

8. Xerneas

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Image Source: OLM

There exist other deer Pokemon, of course, but Xerneas is a world apart from them. From the sweeping collarbones to the colorful gold antlers, Xerneas has the look of a forest god. There’s not much else that could be cooler than imagining getting to see the light reflect from its antlers onto the floor of a forest. Xerneas is one of the major, if not only, reasons to pick Pokemon X instead of Y.

7. Groudon

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Image Source: OLM

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are where the Pokemon games changed. Now hitting a new handheld generation, the games looked great and felt bigger. This new world helped portray the notion that Groudon could absolutely burn you just by proximity.

The idea of Groudon being able to entirely change the landscape of the world just made sense. You got to see this Pokemon onscreen and feel the magnitude and heat the design just easily exudes. Catching Groudon felt like actually owning an apocalypse-level Pokemon, and not much is cooler than that.

6. Zacian

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Zacian Sword Form
Image Source: OLM

Zacian is unique in that it’s the only legendary Pokemon to carry around an external weapon in a special form. The sword carried only adds to the majesty of Zacian. While the sword-less version is less flashy, it is still visually appealing.

The deep blue body, coupled with the pink-ish cape, is an excellent combo. The regal air of the crown and golden wings only add to both the mystery and majesty of this Pokemon. Also, just like Xerneas was to X and Y, Zacian is the reason to choose Pokemon Sword over Shield.

5. Koraidon

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Image Source: Game Freak

The bike has always been a feature in Pokemon Games, but something big happened in Scarlet and Violet. This time around, the bike is actually a Legendary Pokemon! It’s not even only a bike, either. Koraidon (and the Violet version, Miraidon) can turn into a glider or swim when needing to travel through water.

Koraidon is the superior version because not only is this massive lizard version cooler looking, but it also just walks along instead of any sort of bike-style wheel movement. This dopey movement is ridiculous and more enjoyable to watch than the Miraidon equivalent.

4. Lugia

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Image Source: OLM

If I had to come up with a Pokemon that has to cover being a bird with an ocean theme, I don’t think I could possibly get any closer than Lugia. The massive size and excellent silver coloring add together into one amazing sight. The glorious eyeliner look is what makes the gaze of this Pokemon so incredibly piercing.

This hulking, diving bird got a similar movie treatment to Mewtwo, and that only added to the majesty of the design. Its massive wingspan and size only help further the feeling that only the most worthy trainers could possibly catch the legendary Lugia.

3. Mewtwo

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Image Source: OLM

Mewtwo was the first true villain of the anime. The scenes from the movie showing Mewtwo in the armor gave a fun alternative look to the Pokemon underneath. Once out of the armor, there was Mewtwo, looking like a big cat while also fiercely menacing.

This legendary Pokemon has always oozed both power and strength. No attack from the anime has ever seemed more deadly/destructive than the purple plasma balls wielded by Mewtwo, and that’s truly cool.

2. Arceus

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Image Source: OLM

While Arceus has the whole white/gold almost ghostly look going and is excellently designed, that’s not even the biggest reason for it being on this list. Looks aside, it is said Arceus is the reason behind the existence of the whole Pokemon universe.

Seeing as this list includes other gods, it is only reasonable that there must be a spot for the coolest of them all, the god that is responsible for every other god’s existence. Being the reason for Pokemon to exist as they do is pretty cool.

1. Mew

Coolest Legendary Pokemon

Top 10 Best Legendary Pokemon of All Time Mew

You’re crazy if you came into this not expecting this to be the #1 pick. Mew is the quintessential legendary Pokemon that just about every Pokemon player at the time dedicated time to chasing down. Plus, the design is just excellent.

Mew is beyond adorable in a way that you just want to squish it and then watch it lazily float around. This is the Pokemon that, once caught, makes you understand the value and fun of legendary Pokemon. On top of all this, once again, it’s really cute. The fact that it is the only other of two Pokemon that can use Transform naturally is an amazing trait.

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