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Pokemon Pallet Town Fan Animation Just Screams Nostalgia


Pokemon Pallet Town Fan Animation Just Screams Nostalgia

Take a nostalgic journey back to Pallet Town in this fan animation

Ever wanted to travel to Pallet Town in Pokemon for yourself? Well, one fan has just made a splendid animated poster that is going to make you want to go to this imaginary town even more.

Originally posted to the Pokemon subreddit, user tworedpillowcases’ post below shows off an amazing animated version of Ash’s journey leaving Pallet Town at the beginning of the series. The video contains plenty of cool visuals and easter eggs that eagle-eyed fans of the anime will notice, including the glowing Ho-oh and one of the first notable Pokemon that Ash catches on his journey, Mankey, who is hanging out in a tree that the trainer passes.

While short, this quick animation is sure to give fans of the original anime and game a quick the nostalgic memory rush. If you want to check out some more amazing 3D Pokemon content like this, be sure to keep an eye on tworedpillowcases’ Reddit account, as they stated in the comments that they’ll likely do other generations next.

While you’re here be sure to let us know what you thought of the post in the comment section below. You should also take a look at all of the other Pokemon-related articles we’ve got for you down below, which includes plenty of features, news, reviews, and quizzes that fans of the series will surely love.

Featured Image Source: Production I.G

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