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Elden Ring: How to Wait and Pass Time

Wait and Pass Time in Elden Ring

Elden Ring: How to Wait and Pass Time

Just by the title, if you didn’t already know, Elden Ring has a time system. While it is definitely a usual open-world mechanic, this is a new feature for a FromSoft title. So, how do you utilize the time system? Let’s break down how to wait and pass time in Elden Ring.

The first bit of important information to know is that all of this is done within the menus of a Site of Grace. Having a day/night cycle like this is definitely a first for FromSoft Soulsborne titles, but with the open-world aspect of Elden Ring, it is a nice touch to feel time progress as you journey through The Land Between. Adding to that, the main purpose of this mechanic is that several field bosses only spawn at certain times of day.

There aren’t that many choices as far as times go for when you want to change the time of day, but they cover the times you would expect.

How to Wait and Pass Time in Elden Ring

  1. Approach a Site of Grace and press Triangle/Y to use it.

  2. Once in the Site of Grace menu, navigate to Pass Time and open that menu, it should be the first option.

    Pass Time in Elden Ring

  3. Once inside the Pass Time menu select the time you want to wait until. Your current time of day can be seen above the selections. Your options are Until Morning, Until Noon, or Until Nightfall.

  4. Once you have selected a time to wait until, this should be the screen you see as the game loads.

    Pass Time in Elden Ring Passing Time Screen

There you have it, everything you need to know for how to wait and pass time in Elden Ring.

If this guide was helpful, scoot over to our Elden Ring Guide Wiki where you can find more useful tips for getting through The Land Between. We’ve got guides on beginner tips and tricksfast travel, the best keepsakes and classes to choose for different builds, and much more.

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