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3 Bungie Franchises Sony Should Revive


3 Bungie Franchises Sony Should Revive

With Sony and Microsoft on a spending bender as of late, yet another major studio has been swooped up to the tune of $3.6B. Last week it was revealed that the long-time developers of the Halo and Destiny games, Bungie, will be coming under the Sony umbrella.

And no matter how you feel about these acquisitions, this is sure to shake some things up in the gaming sphere, including the possible revival of some dormant series. Here are three Bungie franchises we think Sony should revive.


Bungie Franchises Sony Should Revive

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Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding are games that often come to mind when people talk about the power of the Decima engine. But it was actually Killzone: Shadow Fall back in 2013 that introduced the world to one of the best video game engines still being used today. And even before Decima came onto the scene, the Killzone franchise consistently featured some of the best visuals of their respective generations.

However, Guerilla changed directions in 2013 when it launched Horizon Zero Dawn. The Dutch studio is making fantastic games and selling millions of copies of them. And thanks to that, it seems like Killzone is nothing more than just a memory at this point. And that’s truly a shame since Killzone was truly just hitting its stride. Sure, Shadow Fall was a bit of a stumble critically, but it still performed well commercially.

To be fair, the first title was a bit rocky as well, but Guerilla got a second chance and that’s what finally let the franchise find its footing. It exemplified what would make the rest of the following Killzone games great. It had a good story, engaging gunplay, a wide assortment of light and heavy weapons, and some of the best graphics seen in games at that point. Bungie could even bring back the classic Warzone mode which featured 32 players split into two factions in a rotating assortment of missions like defending a target, or searching out a specific target and destroying it.

It’s understandable that recency bias may cloud what people think of Killzone since the last game to come out was so exceptionally average. But if anybody could make at least a competent and enjoyable Killzone, it would absolutely be Bungie. Sure, most of the original Halo team has moved on, but the quality of shooting gameplay in Destiny proves that the current team is more than capable of putting out fun and engaging content.

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