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Halo Infinite: How to Get ‘Make a Little Noise’ Achievement


Halo Infinite: How to Get ‘Make a Little Noise’ Achievement

If you’re looking to start grinding your way through all of the achievements in Halo Infinite, then the multiplayer opens up plenty of opportunities to earn some Gamerscore. One of the easiest to unlock when you know-how is the ‘Make a Little Noise’ achievement in Halo Infinite, and in this guide, we’ll run you through exactly how to get it for yourself.

Getting the ‘Make a Little Noise’ Achievement in Halo Infinite

To get this achievement, start the Tutorial found in the ‘Academy’ section on the main menu.

From here, progress through until you grab the AR and head to the shooting range. After firing at all the targets with the AR, Commando and Grenades turn around and return to the Armory. You’ll find all of the weapon cages are now open.

Walk over to the Sniper found in the weapon cage closest to the door you entered the room from, and press X when in front of it to equip it.

How to get make a little noise achievement in Halo Infinite

As soon as you pick the Sniper up, you’ll unlock the ‘Make a Little Noise’ achievement.

There’s not a whole lot else to this achievement, but it’s likely most players won’t check out the tutorial if they’re already familiar with the series.

It does come with a neat little cutscene to set the tone for the action and story in Halo Infinite, though, which makes it all the more worthwhile checking out.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the ‘Make a Little Noise’ achievement in Halo Infinite. For more tips, tricks and guides, have a look at our guide wiki or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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