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Destiny 2: Week 4 Atlas Skew Confluence Guide; Tracing the Stars


Destiny 2: Week 4 Atlas Skew Confluence Guide; Tracing the Stars

The hunt for Atlas Skews continues in Destiny 2 as of week three of Season of the Lost. Last week we hunted them down in the Strand, and this week we’ll be searching in Rheasilvia and Harbinger’s Seclude. It looks like we’ll be needing to do this one more time after this week in order to progress the Ager’s Scepter trade rifle exotic quest. If you’re here, you’re probably looking to get the Atlas Skews for week 4 in Destiny 2. Here’s where they all are.

First things first, you need to get to The Confluence — an area that is quite hidden away in The Dreaming City and doesn’t really serve much of a purpose anymore since you can enter The Shattered Throne from the Director.

Harbinger Cathedral

Atlas Skews Week 4 – Tracing the Stars 4

atlas skews week 4

The easiest way, for the purposes of this guide, to get to all the Atlas Skews, including this one, is to enter via the Harbinger Temple. If you remember collecting the Atlas Skew from the Ahamkara Heads last week, simply return to that area and proceed down the path overlooking the cliffside. You’ll eventually reach a portal that will take you into The Confluence.

Pretty much right where you enter in, you’ll see the Atlas Skew pictured above.

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