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Deathloop: How to Play Multiplayer


Deathloop: How to Play Multiplayer

In Deathloop, the main goal is to get the game’s protagonist, Colt, out of the time loop he finds himself trapped in. The only way to accomplish this seems to be to kill the eight Visionaries that appear in the game’s setting. In order to do that, though, players need to survive against Julianna, who will often be controlled by another player via online multiplayer. Here is everything you need to know about how to play multiplayer in Deathloop.

As soon as you start playing Deathloop, you’ll have to option to play in Single Player Mode, Online Mode, and Friends Only Mode. Obviously, single-player mode means that you play by yourself, with the game putting you up against an AI-controlled Julianna instead of another player.

We detail the differences between Online Mode and Friends Only Mode, as well as how to play them, below.

How to Play Multiplayer in Deathloop

For Online Mode in Deathloop, Julianna players will be able to invade your game, regardless of whether you know them or not. This is similar to online matchmaking in any other multiplayer title, except it is essentially just a 1v1.

If you run into a situation where you aren’t able to find another player, Deathloop will automatically make Julianna an AI, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to play.

For Friends Only Mode, the only players that will be able to invade are ones that are on your friend’s list. This option works best for anyone who wants to play with people they know, as opposed to strangers.

Anyone who wants to play as Julianna in multiplayer will need to progress past a certain point in the campaign. Once you do, you’ll unlock this option in the main menu. It’ll be titled “Protect the Loop,” and will allow you to invade other players’ timelines in order to hunt Colt for rewards.

It should be noted that regardless of the mode, a distinct sound will be made every time Julianna invades your game. This will allow you to keep your head on a swivel, though you’ll also probably be greeted with a back-and-forth between her and Colt that’ll give you a heads up as well.

That is everything you need to know about how to play multiplayer in Deathloop. For more tips, tricks, and general FAQs, be sure to check out our guide wiki for the game.

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