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Tribes of Midgard: How to Unlock All Classes

tribes of midgard classes

Tribes of Midgard: How to Unlock All Classes

Tribes of Midgard is a new co-op multiplayer action game from Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing, allowing players to play in a group of 10 while exploring an open-world and defending their village from attacks. Aside from just managing equipment, you can also choose one out of eight different classes available in the game to change up your play style, but unlocking all of them is no easy feat. Here’s how to unlock all classes in Tribes of Midgard.

Unlocking All Classes in Tribes of Midgard

As stated above, there are a total of eight classes available in the game, and two of them are available right at the very start. Once your character gains a level during a run, you can spend a Blessing point in the menu to unlock one of the available classes.

We’ve listed all of the classes down below, along with the requirements for unlocking them:

  • Ranger: Unlocked by default.
  • Warrior: Unlocked by default.
  • Warden: Survive a total of 15 days in a single run.
  • Seer: Use the Bifrost to escape 10 worlds.
  • Berserker: Kill 20 enemies in 10 seconds.
  • Guardian: Kill three Jotunns in a single run.
  • Sentinel: Block 20 attacks in 10 seconds.
  • Hunter: Find all shrines in a single run.

A few of these are pretty easy to unlock. For instance, the Hunter class simply requires you to explore the entire map in a run in order to discover all of the fast travel shrines. It’s easy enough to dedicate a run just for exploring, and you’ll unlock this in no time.

For the Berserker and Sentinel classes, we recommend building gates in your village and letting the Helthings gather outside during an invasion. Once enough of them have spawned, open the gate and kill them quickly to unlock Berserker, or just raise your shield and block for 10 seconds to unlock the Sentinel.

The Warden and Guardian classes are a little trickier to unlock as it gets progressively harder to survive as the days go on. It’s imperative that you rebuild structures such as the farm and quarry so that you can obtain basic resources much quicker, and make sure to fortify your village with gates and archer towers. This will allow you to focus on the Jotunns in the latter part of the run.

Finally, you can unlock the Bifrost simply by killing your first Jotunn. Do this 10 times, and make use of the Bifrost to escape 10 worlds, and you’ll unlock the Seer class.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock all classes in Tribes of Midgard. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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