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Madden 22: How to Stop the Run

how to stop the run madden 22

Madden 22: How to Stop the Run

Stopping the run in Madden 22 is just as crucial as it has been in every past game in the series. While playing against the CPU tends to be more predictable with the runs they’ll try and make, playing against other players online in MUT or with normal teams is a completely different ball game. They’ll run through your defense continually and rack up huge amounts of points if you’re not able to stop specific plays. In this guide, we’re here to talk you through how to stop a run in Madden 22.

How to Stop the Run in Madden 22

Preparing Your Defense

The main thing you need to do to effectively stop a run is to make sure that you have the right defensive players on the field. If you don’t, your opponent’s offensive players will be able to rip right through your defense.

Signs Your Opponent Is About to Make a Run

The other thing you need to make sure you’re doing is to identify the signs that the run is coming. Most of the time, your opponent will try and bolster their numbers of TEs (Tight End) on the field. When two or three are added to their lineup, that should be an indicator that the run is coming from your opponent.

Similarly, your opponent may also bring their fullback out. This is another indicator that your opponent’s about to run. The fullback may be used for blocking, or if they’ve only got a short run, he might take the ball himself. In these instances, make sure you prepare for a run coming down the middle, as that’s likely where they’ll exploit you.

Preventing & Stopping the Run in Madden 22

The safest defensive option you can do when trying to stop a run is to set your defense to a 4-4 split with a blitz play if your opponent has a bunch of TEs on the field.

The other thing to keep note of is if your opponent has a favorite direction they prefer to run into. If you’ve noticed they prefer to play out on the left, for example, take control of one of your linebackers on that side and make sure they’re filling any gaps that your opponent is likely to try and target.

On the flip-side, it’s also possible that your opponent could call an audible due to the way you line up your defense. If this happens, you have to be ready to react quickly, otherwise, they’ll catch you off-guard. This is why you want to be extra careful about calling an all-out blitz. A skilled player will absolutely react by changing it to a pass play and it could get really ugly, very fast.

At the end of the day though, runs are powerful in the hands of a good player, and even a perfectly planned defense may be cracked. It will take practice to truly get good at stopping the run while playing online.

There you have to how to stop runs in Madden 22. For more tips, tricks and frequently asked questions answered, search Twinfinite for Madden 22.

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