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Trailers for the Witcher, the Cuphead Show, Castlevania, & More Shown off at Netflix Geeked Week Presentation

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Trailers for the Witcher, the Cuphead Show, Castlevania, & More Shown off at Netflix Geeked Week Presentation

Earlier today during Netflix’s Geeked Week presentation on YouTube, a ton of new trailers were revealed for upcoming shows like The Cuphead Show and Farcry Blood Dragon as well as trailers for new seasons of returning programs like The Witcher and Castlevania.

To start off the show there was a short recap of the last Geeked Week presentation which featured new Netflix shows like Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway.

But starting off this stream was none other than the upcoming League of Legends TV show titled Arcane. This trailer was just a short mashup of animated clips from the show featuring popular League characters Jinx and Vi among others. There was much information about storylines revealed, but the trailer confirmed that Arcane will begin this Fall.

Right after the first trailer ended, a few screenshots of the show were revealed along with a second trailer. This trailer features Jinx walking through a dimly lit run down building with dust and shattered glass strewn about. As she wanders through this building she finds a few parts of a boxing robot and we see her have extremely emotional flashbacks while clobbering this robot.

Later on, the co-creators of Arcane, Alex Yee and Christian Linke, talked with Geoff Keighley for a bit about their project. The first season will mainly focus on the story of characters (champions) that are already well-known from the game.

Up next in the Geeked Week stream was an “ad” by their “sponsor” of the show, the Umbrella Corporation. Truly, it was just an ominous and short teaser for the upcoming Resident Evil Netflix show with a new hashtag, #whoiswesker. It closed with the chilling line, “Albert Wesker is the engineer of a better tomorrow, of a perfect tomorrow.”

Throughout the rest of the show there were other fake ads from the Umbrella Corporation wither references to Raccoon City,

After that Resident Evil trailer, we got our first look at The Cuphead Show during the Geeked Week presentation. This show based on the 2017 run n’ gun game and features the exact same 1930s cartoon aesthetic along with a swinging jazz soundtrack. But there was also a big cast reveal when it was announced that Wayne Brady will be voicing one of the main villains in the show, King Dice.

There was also a short teaser featuring King Dice hosting some kind of show in a theater and picking out one lucky member of the crowd to, “roll the dice.” A Telelphone was the lucky (or potentially unlucky) member of the crowd chosen. Unfortunately, the trailer ended before being able to see the fate of this communication device.

Keighley also sat down with the executive producers of The Cuphead Show, Dave Wasson and Cosmo Segurson. Neither one of them has a lot of expierience with gaming, but they both fell in love with the art style. In this short segment we also learned that each episode comes in at around 10 minutes.

Moving on, Castlevania was next on the late of new trailers in the Geeked Week stream. The fourth and final season of Castlevania came out in the middle of last month, but the creators of the show had some exciting news for fans of the franchise. It was confirmed that although this series is finished, it’s not the last Netflix program that will take place in that Castlevania universe.

Clive Bradley will be heading up the new show that will be featuring Richter Belmont and Maria Renard and will take place in 1792 France. A time that was already notably tumultuous even without vampires thanks to the French Revolution.

Then Ubisoft took the spotlight in Geeked Week with three new Netflix programs that they currently have in the works, starting with the Splinter Cell cartoon. There was no trailer for the show, but there was at least a still image of what the animated Sam Fisher will look like.

The next Ubisoft show we got some information on was Captain Laserhawk, which is based on the Far Cry Blood Dragon DLC that released back in 2013. The show is currently in pre-production, so there was only a very short trailer. But it was confirmed that animation studio Bobbypills will be heading up the Captain Laserhawk project.

The creator/writer/executive producer for the show, Adi Shankar, also had a special message to fans of Blood Dragon. In this short clip he talks about his inspirations for this project, the first being the DC comic, Elseworlds. This comic series was essentially just a series that focused on alternate realities of well-known DC characters.

Shankar also mentioned Captain N The Game Masters as one of his inspirations for Captain Laserhawk. He admits that Captain N wasn’t great, but the reimagining of Nintendo’s properties in a single cohesive world is what interested him about the show.

The third inspiration he mentioned was his own Bootleg Universe YouTube series which reimagines popular franchises — like Pokemon, James Bond, and more — in a more dark and gritty tone.

After discussing the inspirations of Captain Laserhawk, Shankar got into the details of the show’s world. In this universe, we’ll see a 1950s world, “if automation became more widespread.” In turn, this caused massive unemployment, and then a company known as Eden set up a universal basic income plan to pull people out of poverty. But then Eden starts imposing many authoritarian rules like mass surveillance, social control and as Shankar put it, “Really all the reasons why the show is on Netflix and not Amazon.”

Following the deep dive into the world, Shankar shared a bit about the story, including the main character, Dolph Laserhawk. The protagonist is a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier that was able to become free from the Eden army.

After the segment with Shankar, there was a short clip of the show featuring art and pixel art along with an inside look at the Captain Laserhawk’s animation studio, Bobbypills. Director, Mehdi Laffad and creative director, Balak, discussed how the overall craziness of the story is what won them over for this project.

The last Ubisoft property that was talked about to be getting a Netflix show is good old Far Cry. No details were revealed about this show except that it’s going to exist at some point in the future.

Following all of the Ubisoft reveals, the first look at season two of The Witcher was shown off. However, it was only a few seconds of flashing images mostly focusing on Freya Allan’s portrayal of Ciri.

After the short clip of The Witcher, the cast for season one of the live-action Resident Evil show was revealed. We saw Lance Reddick was cast as Albert Wesker along with his co-stars, Adeline Rudolph, Siena Agudong, Paola Nuñez, Tamara Smart, and Ella Balinska. The first season of this new show is in production right now.

And then the moment the chat was waiting for happened when the big and bad Terry Silver was teased for season four of Cobra Kai.

It was a reveal-heavy stream, but that was all of the latest news from the upcoming video-game-inspired programs currently on and coming to Netflix. You can watch the official Geeked Week stream with all of the trailers mentioned in this article down below.

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