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This Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Sets a Terrifying Tone

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This Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Sets a Terrifying Tone

It’s that time again, folks: after a year-long hiatus as a result of COVID-19, Stranger Things season 4 is finally drawing closer, and today the very first teaser trailer called “Are You Listening, Eleven?” sets an especially spooky tone. Seemingly, it takes us back in time to Eleven’s traumatic childhood at the Hawkins National Laboratory.

As you’ll see, Dr. Martin Brenner is shown walking into a room full of children who are presumably being experimented on before greeting them in a rather creepy fashion. He then asks Eleven, who appears to be confined to her room, if she’s listening.

Stranger Things has always been scary, but there’s something about this teaser that feels even more disturbing than usual. It’s going to be interesting to see how dark things get moving forward, particularly when you consider that Jim Hopper was shown to have been captured by the Soviets during season 3’s conclusion.

There’s no word yet on a firm release window or date for the next series, but while you wait, why not keep yourself amused with Twinfinite’s recent Stranger Things trivia quiz?

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