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10 Incredible, Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Returnal


10 Incredible, Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Returnal

Housemarque’s Returnal is out now on PS5. The challenging rogue-like third-person shooter is another prime example of how to make use of all of the PS5’s various new features, especially those in the DualSense. The controller makes you feel the game in a way that lends it a true ‘new-gen’ feel.

There’s more than some adaptive triggers and haptic feedback in here that makes Returnal feel so new-gen, though, and a large part of that comes down to the intricate level of detail Housemarque has poured into the hostile, alien planet of Atropos. Because we’re right geeks about this kind of thing over here at Twinfinite, we decided to run you through 10 incredible, tiny details you might have missed as you blasted your way through countless aliens in Returnal.

The ‘Astra’ Brand Name on the Back of Selene’s Suit

Incredible, Tiny Details in Returnal

incredibly tiny details in returnal

This one is one of my personal favorites. If you look really closely (and do a bit of zooming in), you can actually see the ‘Astra’ brand name of Selene’s suit just on the back of her helmet.

It’s kind of obscured a little in the image above by the cord running between the helmet and the rest of her suit, but you can still make out a fair few of the letters all the same. Who would ever notice that? Barely anyone, but kudos to Housemarque for going all-in on this level of detail. It certainly gives Returnal that true, premium, AAA feel.

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