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5 Invincible Season 1 Moments That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

Invincible season One Moments

5 Invincible Season 1 Moments That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

Invincible’s first season just ended, and what a roller coast ride it was. While it may have only been eight episodes, every single one of them was filled to the brim with shocking moments. As such, we thought it only fitting to sort through all the episodes and go through the craziest ones. These are five Invincible season 1 moments that’ll make your jaw drop.

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*Warning: Major Spoilers for Invincible Season 1 Ahead*

The First Episode’s Post-Credits Scene

Invincible Season 1 Moments

Invincible Season 1 Moments
Image Source: Amazon

One of the most interesting things about Invincible is that it is presented as a very different show in its first episode.

Throughout the majority of the series’ pilot, the show maintains this Saturday-morning cartoon innocence, lulling the viewers in with a false sense of security. There is no blood, death, or vulgarity, and the art style is even reminiscent of classic shows like the Justice League.

As soon as the credits roll, though, Invincible shows its true, violent colors.

The final 10 minutes of the first episode sees series’ heroic, Superman-like character Omni-Man murder his fellow heroes after falsely summoning them. They don’t sugarcoat any of the deaths either – blood and guts spill all over the place, as characters get their skulls crushed and their bodies ripped apart.

This twist is such a jarring change of pace from the formulaic superhero show that one can’t help but be completely shocked when it happens. 

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