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3 Reasons Naruto Fans Need to Start Watching Boruto Again


3 Reasons Naruto Fans Need to Start Watching Boruto Again

Boruto has not had the best track record with most Naruto fans, as many simply saw it as a way to milk the franchise with a spin-off that wasn’t even planned. It also didn’t help that its titular character and story were basically just rehashes of the original.

Due to this, it makes complete sense as to why a lot of viewers would drop the show. Even if you did end up ditching this sequel series, we are here to tell you three reasons why now is the perfect time for Naruto fans to start watching Boruto again. 

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Masashi Kishimoto

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The first bad sign for fans that Boruto wasn’t going to be the same quality as Naruto was when it was revealed that its series creator, Masashi Kishimoto, wouldn’t be writing the manga. Instead, he was merely a supervisor, and Ukyo Kodachi wrote it. 

While Kodachi wasn’t exactly the worst writer ever, Boruto simply wasn’t the same without Kishimoto guiding it. The story lacked any real direction and the characters just felt like less interesting versions of their parents.

Overall, the manga wasn’t the same, which meant the anime suffered as well. As of Nov. 2020, though, that is no longer an issue, as Masashi Kishimoto returned to the series as its writer once again.

While it took a little bit of time, the creator eventually got the story’s direction back, fleshing out more info on the power known as Kara and introducing a character fans have been waiting for since day one. With the manga getting Naruto’s creator back, the anime also benefited greatly, as it now had a more reliable source material to go off of adapting. 

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