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Monster Hunter Rise vs. Monster Hunter World: Which Action RPG Is Better?


Monster Hunter Rise vs. Monster Hunter World: Which Action RPG Is Better?

Monster Hunter Rise released just last week, and serves as the direct successor to the very impressive Monster Hunter World that launched three years ago. Rise is made up of the same, core bones of gameplay that series fans will be very familiar with, but both games feel like different experiences as well.

We’re going to attempt to discuss both games in a few different categories and ultimately decide which is the better Monster Hunter game.

Story and Setting

monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World features a slightly more classic fantasy setting and starts with your player character joining an established hunter organization to explore a new world. It’s a very exciting concept as you’re literally wandering into uncharted territory, discovering new monsters, and eliminating dangerous threats as they come along.

The hub of World is also incredibly detailed and everything about that place just feels alive and bustling. There are merchants everywhere, researchers working on various studies, and hunters going about their business, all in this one centralized area that can even feel overwhelming at first.

Monster Hunter Rise, on the other hand, features a hub that’s much smaller and more compact. It’s set in the quaint little Kamura Village, where everyone is close and basically like family.

Unlike in World, where you’re trying to explore new lands, Monster Hunter Rise’s vibe is more suited for players looking for a community that feels more tight-knit.

In this game, you’re looking to protect your village from outside threats. The setting is more oriental as well, as the village clearly takes cues from Asian cultures, as opposed to World, which feels a bit more western.

Winner: Tie. This is entirely subjective and while I personally prefer the community vibes of Monster Hunter Rise, both games feature very well-realized settings.

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