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Legoshi & Haru Get Ghibli in This Adorable Beastars Fan Art


Legoshi & Haru Get Ghibli in This Adorable Beastars Fan Art

Ever since Beastars arrived to Netflix last year, fans have fallen in love with lead characters Legoshi and Haru, as the odd couple of this timid wolf and the confident bunny certainly paint an interesting picture. One fan has taken it upon themselves to combine that love for these two characters with another of their favorite anime styles, creating a version of them that is “Ghibli-ish.”

In the art above, you can see Legoshi and Haru transformed using the Studio Ghibli art style at the hands of user Twitter user F0XnR0LL, somehow managing to look even more adorable than they usually do. The picture itself fits the characters perfectly as well, showing Haru as carefree as ever picking flowers while Legoshi holds her up, embarrassed at the prospect of his crush sitting on his shoulders.

If you’d like to check out more of this artist’s work, head over to their Twitter account that features a boatload more of their talented art. While you’re here, you should also check out all of the other Beastars and anime content we have to offer.

You’ll find everything from debut 2020 anime that have bright future to fun pieces like the best senseis in all of anime. We hope you enjoy!

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