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10 Resident Evil Moments That Still Give Us Chills

Resident Evil Moments That Give Us Thrills and Chills

10 Resident Evil Moments That Still Give Us Chills

When it comes to moments that leave you excited, scared, and everything in-between, the Resident Evil series has a plentiful supply. Most all of its games have something that fans can’t help but hold in their memories for all time. Some stand out more than others though, which is why they’re on our list of 10 Resident Evil moments that still give us thrills and chills.

The First Zombie (Resident Evil/Resident Evil Remake)

Resident Evil Moments
Image Credit: Capcom

It might be a bit over-stated at this point, but how could this not be included on a list of the best Resident Evil moments?

After successfully escaping from a hoard of ravenous hounds, the S.T.A.R.S. team arrives at a secluded mansion. They split up to search for clues, unsure of whether what they encountered outside is something to expect more of or a strange coincidence.

It doesn’t take long, however, for players to discover just how screwed the group is. Upon entering a room near the entrance, they discover a figure huddled over an unknown mass. The sound of something meaty being torn and chewed fills the room, and the figure seems utterly focused on something in its hands.

After a second, it notices the player and begins to turn around, revealing that it isn’t a living person. Its flesh is rotted, and its mouth is coated with the blood of the unfortunate individual who first found it.

This is a zombie, and the first of many the player will see during their time with the series.

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