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Everything We Know About Valorant’s New Agent 15 So Far [UPDATED]

valorant agent 15

Everything We Know About Valorant’s New Agent 15 So Far [UPDATED]

Just a year on from Valorant’s very first beta session, Riot Games’ tactical shooter is thriving with a substantial player base, exciting esports program, and the promise of new content moving forward. Part of the developer’s live-service initiative includes the addition of more Agents, and it’s not long until another one arrives. Here’s everything we know about Valorant’s new Agent 15.

Update 02/27/2021: It appears as though Agent 15 has been leaked! Her name is Astra and you can check out the very first video of her below.

Everything We Know About Valorant Agent 15

Official teaser from Riot.

It’s only over the past couple of weeks that a combination of official clues from Riot and one or two leaks from unofficial sources have helped us begin to piece together who Agent 15 is and what her abilities are likely to be.

Yes, that’s right, I said her. Thanks to teasers from Riot, we know for certain is that Agent 15 is a female and she’s from the African nation of Ghana. Also, that she is a controller Agent, so she’ll be joining Valorant’s roster as the fourth of her class alongside Omen, Viper, and Brimstone.

Valorant Agent 15

That’s about it for firm details on Agent 15, but several other clues and hints offer grounds for reasonable speculation.

First, a leaked picture (seen above), which, in combination with reports from players of embers floating around some maps in recent Valorant games, suggests that Agent 15 has the ability to place embers of some kind around the map. Are these smokes? Flashes? Perhaps Agent 15 has both?

Thematically speaking, it seems Agent 15 has some sort of relationship with the cosmos or a different dimension of some kind. The leak pictured above has a caption in Russian that roughly translates to “The stars are starting to draw..

Valorant Agent 15

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that Tier 38 of this Act’s battle pass is actually related to Agent 15, too. As you can see above, the caption for that particular card was “Bridge Between Worlds,” again alluding to some sort of relationship with different dimensions.

Valorant Agent 15

Moving on, Riot’s most recent tease might be giving us our very first look at Agent 15. If you look at the image above, it’s the individual I’ve circled is the only sketch unrecognizable one of Valorant’s current Agents. Is this Agent 15?

What’s more, if you look at what she’s doing, she seems to be levitating while an Agent –who looks like Viper– seems to be trying to escape something sucking her toward it. Is this Agent 15’s ultimate? Could it be some sort of black hole that pulls people toward its location?

Finally, if you’re really keen to soak in the flavors of Agent 15 then you can check out the beats that inspired Riot Games’ development team when designing her. Here’s the official Spotify playlist, which is described as a “cosmic bop.” I’m betting that we hear one of these when the very first trailer drops!

For now, that’s everything we know about Valorant’s new Agent 15.Twinfinite has plenty of useful content about the game, so be sure to use the search engine to find what you’re looking for. Always feel free to reach out in the comment section for help if you can’t find answers to any questions you have.

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