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5 Gaming Flops on Life Support That Are Still Worth Saving

5 Gaming Flops on Life Support Worth Saving

5 Gaming Flops on Life Support That Are Still Worth Saving

For all of the break-out hits and sequels that uphold the quality of their forbears released in recent years, there are just as many games that fail to impress upon release. This is sad enough, but it becomes even sadder when said games clearly have the potential for years-long popularity with a little TLC. Of those titles, these are the five gaming flops on life support that are worth saving.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds is the epitome of a game that sounds good on paper but doesn’t stick the landing upon release.

Designed as an asymmetrical versus multiplayer experience between a team of players and one fully-equipped, player-controlled Predator, the game sought to capture the sense of tension and danger from the films. To its credit, it does succeed at this, with matches between practiced players feeling like the kind of cat and mouse conflicts the first few films captured so well.

However, poor matchmaking, a lack of content, and other issues led to poor reviews upon release, scaring off most prospective players from seeing these bright spots. As a result, it’s been left with a fraction of the player base it could have had.

And yet, there’s still a lot of potential for the title to grow into something great. Its developer, IllFonic, has continued to release patches, updates, and new content for the game since its launch, offering the existing player base plenty to keep their experiences interesting. This in turn has increased the number of active players, providing the perfect chance for others to dive in and see what the game really has to offer, saving it in the process.

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