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Best Black Friday 4K Gaming TVs Deals


Best Black Friday 4K Gaming TVs Deals

65″ Samsung Q80T – $1497.99

Best 4K Gaming TV Black Friday Deals 2020

The Samsung Q80T is one of the best LED TVs on the market today and it’s an absolutely stellar choice if you’re looking for a new set to enjoy a next-gen console. Then with a $300 discount at Best Buy and Newegg, there’s not a better Black Friday deal when it comes to LED TVs at this price point.

The Q80T is a QLED TV — not to be confused with OLED — which in layman’s terms means it has an extra layer in the panel that contains “Quantum Dots.” This allows the TV to display much more vivid colors compared to most other LED TVs. It still uses an LED backlight but has much deeper black levels than your standard LED.

And best of all, its gaming performance is nearly untouched when it comes to input lag. The Q80T has four HDMI 2.1 ports that are capable of outputting 4K at 120Hz. And it has FreeSync, which lets the TV match the refresh rate of the console to lessen jarring screen tearing and stuttering.

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