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8 Biggest Takeaways from PS5’s User Experience Reveal


8 Biggest Takeaways from PS5’s User Experience Reveal

Today, Sony shared a first look at the PS5’s user experience. We got a look at the new home screen, Control Center, and the various ways that ultra-fast SSD is going to make playing your games alone and with others all the better.

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up on exactly what the PS5’s UI is going to offer you, then you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a quick list of the eight biggest takeaways.

It’s Real Snappy and Super Sleek

ps5 user experience biggest takeaways

Throughout the entire 11:30 minute first look at the PlayStation 5’s User Experience shared today, one thing remained consistent. The PlayStation 5’s Home Screen and Control Center (more on that in a bit) seemed incredibly responsive, snappy, and looked extremely sleek.

The entire UI has been revamped for the PS5, built “from the ground-up for 4K displays” to take full advantage of this resolution bump.

Given how slow the PS4’s UI currently feels, this is a very exciting thing to see. But all of this is expected given the high-speed SSD at the heart of the PS5.

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