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Spelunky 2: How to Find Black Market

Spelunky 2, How to Find the Black Market

Spelunky 2: How to Find Black Market

As great as Spelunky 2‘s shops are, it can be inconvenient to only have one appear per level. Fortunately, there is a workaround to this via the Black Market, a hidden area in the game’s Jungle Zone which contains shops of all kinds. Accessing it can be nigh impossible if you don’t know how to find it though, which is why we’re here to walk you through how to find the Black Market in Spelunky 2.

How to Find the Black Market in Spelunky 2

To find the Black Market in Spelunky 2, you’ll need three things in particular: As much money as possible, bombs, and the Udjat Eye relic from the game’s opening area.

For the money, there’s really no wrong way to amass it. Collect any loose gems or gold you see, and take idols you find back to each level’s exit whenever possible and, if you’re skilled enough, use the Ghost to transform gems into Diamonds. You can find more on how to accomplish all of these methods here.

Getting the bombs is easy enough too, as you start any run with four in your inventory. Do your best to hold onto all of them. Likewise, smash any crates you pass to see if they contain some free Bombs, and buy any Bomb Bags that are available at shops you pass.

The Udjat Eye, meanwhile, can be obtained by tracking down a Golden Key in the first Zone and using it to unlock a Golden Chest hidden in a Cave Person lodging with two ladders. The location of each is randomized every time, so be sure to keep an eye out for them as you’re making your way through each level. We have a more detailed walkthrough of the process here.

How to Access the Black Market’s Entrance

Once you have the Eye and some bombs in your possession, head toward Spelunky 2’s Jungle Zone by taking the left-side exit in Level 1-4. You’ll know you’re at the right one when you see butterflies fluttering around the doorway.

From there, progress through the Jungle Zone’s levels normally while keeping an eye and ear out for the Eye. When you start the level containing the Black Market, the Eye will open and begin to click. It will then click more rapidly as you get closer to the entrance, which will be hidden behind destructible blocks.

Explore the level, and when the Eye starts to click non-stop, drop some bombs to clear away any blocks nearby. Once the proper block is destroyed, the Black Market’s entrance will be revealed and a special music queue will play. Head inside, and then grab the Clover at the upper center of the Market to prevent the Ghost from appearing and give you all the time you need to peruse all of the area’s splendors.

What You Can Get at the Black Market in Spelunky 2

And splendors there are, as you can get just about anything you’d want at Spelunky 2’s Black Market.

The secret area contains one of every type of shop. As such, you can stock up on basic supplies while also nabbing special items like the Jetpack or a Shotgun you might not have been able to get otherwise. You can also nab a Pet for a modest sum, and can easily bring them back to the level’s exit for some easy health.

The biggest advantage of the Black Market, though, is that you can purchase the Hedjet. Found in the lower right corner of the Market and running $40,000, the item allows you to delve deeper into the Egyptian level to find some valuable secrets or pull Excalibur from its stone in level 4-2. Both paths offer plenty of bonuses that can help lead you to a successful run, making the hefty monetary investment well worth it.

Hopefully this helped you figure out how to find the Black Market in Spelunky 2. For more on the game, check out our guides on topics like how to find the Vampire Castle and how to get the Kapala.

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