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7 Pokemon We Love to Hate


7 Pokemon We Love to Hate

There’s a certain mindset in the Pokemon community that “every Pokemon is somebody’s favorite.” That’s probably true, but there’s no denying that some are more popular than others.

After all, that’s why we’ve seen so many different Charizard variations, and some like Eevee get put in the spotlight more than others.

Then you’ve got some Pokemon that have such an unpopular reputation that people actually seem to enjoy complaining about them. No, “Genwunners,” it’s not only the newer Pokemon designs that get picked on; the first generation isn’t free from excessive hate either.

Here are seven Pokemon that we absolutely love to hate.


Poor Garbodor. The designers really set it up for a lifetime of hate. It’s a garbage design fit for a garbage Pokemon with garbage stats. Yuck.

Conceptually, it’s the same Pokemon as Muk; both are Poison-type and look like some sort of disgusting sludge. So why doesn’t Muk get the same amount of hate? Seems like a Generation One double-standard to me.

At least its pre-evolution, Trubbish, is sort of cute in a pitiful way. And Gabodor gets a Gigantamax evolution in Generation Eight, which makes it a little more exciting to use in battle.

But we love to hate it because “it’s literally trash,” which is the easiest argument against any bad Pokemon design, especially this one.

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