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The Legend of Korra Is Coming to Netflix; Here’s Why You Should Watch It

Legend of Korra Netflix

The Legend of Korra Is Coming to Netflix; Here’s Why You Should Watch It

Ever since Avatar: The Last Airbender came to Netflix in the US just a couple months ago, many fans have shared their opinions on both Avatar shows. Well, now The Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix in August.

Personally, I believe that it’s 100% worth the watch for fans of The Last Airbender, despite some of its minor shortcomings. Here are a few relatively spoiler-free reasons why you should definitely watch The Legend of Korra when it reaches Netflix next month.

Some Great Villains

Legend of Korra Amon

This won’t be turning into an Aang vs Korra list because they’re both great characters, just with different journeys. One of the best parts of Korra’s journey is the villains that she goes up against.

Some of the best villains in the entire series can be found in The Legend of Korra, so get that Netflix money ready. In the very first Book (Season), society is threatened by a man who is able to take people’s bending powers away. And he’s voiced by Steve Blum. It’s pretty menacing to say the least.

Without spoiling anything more, the villains arguably get even better in the later Books. They’re not only menacing, but well thought out in their motivations, actions, and storylines.

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