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Top 10 Most Impractical Weapons in Gaming History


Top 10 Most Impractical Weapons in Gaming History

When it comes to the weaponry video game characters use to defend themselves, there’s a long list of items that, fun or not, wouldn’t fly if someone tried to use them in real life. Some push past the absurd into downright ridiculous or harmful to their wielder though, and that’s why they’re on our totally serious list of the 10 most impractical weapons in gaming history.

Gunblade (Final Fantasy Series)

Photo via CGTrader.

As much as people might like to harp on Final Fantasy VII‘s Buster Sword as the most impractical weapon in the series, it’s hard not to give that honor to the horribly ill-thought-out Gunblade.

Though undeniably cool in its design, this hybrid of firearm and bladed weapon runs the risk of breaking down at any moment. Blocking with it could lead to the gun components being damaged and becoming unusable, and each shot fired from it could lead to the blade itself coming loose or even being blown off entirely.

And that’s if one could even hold it properly. Given its wonky balancing and oblong shape, keeping the blade steady enough to aim blasts would be a nightmare.

It would take years of practice just to hold the thing in place and fire off a shot with it. Even then, the user would run an extremely high chance of being shot or stabbed dead by someone with the sense to pick between either of the two weapons it combines. But hey, at least they got to look cool in their final moments, right?

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