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These 6 Improvements Would Make New Pokemon Snap a Worthy Sequel

lapras and squirtle

These 6 Improvements Would Make New Pokemon Snap a Worthy Sequel

21 long years have gone by since Pokemon Snap released on the Nintendo 64, and just as everyone was starting to lose hope that there would never be a sequel, it finally happened: a new Pokemon Snap game was announced for the Switch.

We only got about a minute-long trailer showing what the new game will look like, and after seeing the “under construction” sign at the end, it seems as though it will be some time before we will have the game in our hands.

New Pokemon Snap has some big shoes to fill. The original game was simple in nature but somehow still struck gold in its mechanics and hidden secrets. 

Since two decades have passed, the sky is the limit for what the sequel might include. Here are six wishes for New Pokemon Snap that we hope come true.

Lots of New Items

dodrio, apple

In the original Pokemon Snap, there were three main items that you could unlock to interact with the Pokemon in the world: apples, Pester Balls, and the Poke Flute.

Apples and Pester Balls were used to coax Pokemon out of hiding spots, and the Poke Flute was used to awaken a sleeping Pokemon and make it dance. We already saw apples in the trailer, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the other two items return in the new game.

Ideally, New Pokemon Snap would have a number of brand new items that could be used to interact with Pokemon to take the best possible snapshots.

Many types of berries could be added that would have various effects on how a Pokemon acted. Honey could be used to attract Bug-type Pokemon. Maybe there could be a new item to make quick-moving Pokemon slow down or toys for Pokemon to interact with each other.

New items to let us take interesting snapshots would be a welcome and expected addition.

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