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5 Movie Franchises That Need LEGO Game Spin-offs


5 Movie Franchises That Need LEGO Game Spin-offs

From Star Wars to Harry Potter, LEGO has been making quality video-game versions of top-flight move franchises for several years. However, they have missed a few big-name franchises that we would love to see get the beat-em-up, puzzler treatment. Here are five movie franchises that need LEGO game spin-offs.


x-men LEGO game spin-off

We have seen Marvel superheroes, Batman, and DC villains take the plunge into the brick-building aesthetic, but we have yet to have a stand-alone X-Men title.

Considering X-Men offers a fan-favorite set of characters, as well as the fact it is one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time, it would perfectly match up with what LEGO is currently transitioning to game form.

With a vast array of characters to swap between, thousands of stories that could be told, and locales far and wide to explore, X-Men would make so much sense.

Considering a lot of the gameplay could match up to the actual way these super-humans fight as well, X-Men is a no-brainer.

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