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8 EA Play Predictions That Would Make It Worth Tuning In To


8 EA Play Predictions That Would Make It Worth Tuning In To

After the cancellation of most of what is traditionally considered E3 2020, there is a lot of uncertainty around what could be announced or shown this year. EA Play 2020 is one of the few showcases still being aired, transitioning into a digital-only event. With that being said, it is still anyone’s best guess what we could see, so here are eight EA Play predictions you’ll hope we’re right about.

More Dragon Age 4 Information

EA Play Predictions

EA Play Predictions Dragon Age 4

It’s already been confirmed that Dragon Age 4 is in the works, we just know very little about it.

From The Game Awards 2018 teaser trailer to earnings calls and Twitter posts from developers, there have been plenty of mentions for the long-awaited sequel to Inquisition without any hard details.

While the release might not be directly around the corner, some more information into the story and placement on the timeline would make a lot of sense at this year’s EA Play event.

Expectations kept in check, a cinematic trailer with some more detailed information from one of the studio heads would be awesome to see, but things like gameplay or a release date are, more than likely, another year out.

Regardless, getting some information at all is practically a lock at this point, considering the amount of time this title has been brewing in the background.

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