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7 Villains That Need Their Own Spin-Off Game


7 Villains That Need Their Own Spin-Off Game

Every once in awhile, a video game’s villain is just so good that fans beg for a spin-off title. The bad guys getting their own game isn’t unheard of, just a rare occasion that asks for a top-notch character to take the helm. With that being said, here are seven villains that need their own spin-off game.

Handsome Jack – Borderlands Series

Handsome Jack Borderlands Villain Spin-off Games

Everyone’s favorite fast-talking baddie would be an impeccable choice to get their own video game villain spin-off game set in the world of Borderlands.

From the dialogue, voice acting, and potential story this game could hold, it would certainly be one that fans of the series would love to jump into, as well as one that would drive new players to the series.

Even if this iteration would more than likely play extremely similarly to a plain-Jane Borderlands title, a Handsome Jack game would give the main character more of a personality than being a run-of-the-mill Vault Hunter, so it would instantly be a step up.

Add in the chaos you could create as this character, along with potential bad deeds you could partake in, and you have an amalgamation that could result in one of the better villain spin-off games of all time.

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