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10 Video Game Prequels & Sequels That Deserve a Full Remake

Crisis Core, 10 Video Game Prequels and Sequels that Deserve a Full Remake

10 Video Game Prequels & Sequels That Deserve a Full Remake

Sometimes, a video game sequel or prequel doesn’t measure up, either because of circumstance or technical limitations. With full remakes becoming more common place though, these games now have the chance to become the experiences they were always meant to be. To that end, here are 10 video game sequels and prequels that deserve a full remake.

Dead Space 3

Starting off with a bit of a “Hail Mary” here, but if there’s one sequel that definitely deserves a do-over, it’s Dead Space 3.

Upon release, fans and critics alike found the end of the horror trilogy disappointing in several areas. The iconic Necromorphs were joined by run-of-the-mill human enemies, turning tense encounters with strategic dismemberment into basic shooter fare.

The tone and horror elements were likewise hamstrung by generic shooter elements and the inclusion of co-op, and pervasive microtransactions was a major distraction from everything that went on in the game.

There were saving graces though. The story reached the heights and climaxes fans were hoping for, and asymmetrical co-op gameplay moments showed where the series could still innovate its horror themes.

If the series were to be revived – and that’s a big if, considering its developer, Visceral Games, was shuttered years ago – giving Dead Space 3 the full remake treatment could allow it to finally reach the heights it always could have.

Putting a stronger focus on the asymmetrical co-op horror, as well as cutting out the more generic shooter elements, could bring the game back into the horror fold and reclaim the series’ former identity.

Likewise, the microtransactions could be made less invasive, or even taken out all together, to help keep players invested in the game instead of trying to milk money out of them at every turn.

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