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Nintendo eShop Spring Sale: 5 Indies You Should Totally Buy

switch eshop spring sale indies

Nintendo eShop Spring Sale: 5 Indies You Should Totally Buy

The leaves on the trees are growing, the weather is slowly heating up, the birds are chirping, and most of all, a lot of video games are on sale right now. That’s right, the Switch eShop Spring Sale is in full effect and there are tons of delicious little indie games on sale that are just waiting to be bought.

Here are five of the best ones on the eShop that you should totally buy:

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Original Price: $39.99

Sale Price: $27.99

Shovel Knight has worked his way up to be in the upper echelon of indie games for the past decade, and Treasure Trove is a fantastic package of all of the DLC that has come out so far.

It’s the complete edition of Shovel Knight, coming with three other campaigns that star Plague Knight, King Knight, and Specter Knight. They each have distinct playstyles that change up the 2D formula here and there.

For the price of $27.99, you’re basically getting four high-quality retro indie games in one and that’s a tough number to beat.

It feels like most people have played Shovel Knight at least once in their lives, but in case you haven’t, this Spring Sale is your chance.

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