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5 New Features in Persona 5 Royal That Should Definitely Be In The Next Game

persona 5 royal

5 New Features in Persona 5 Royal That Should Definitely Be In The Next Game

Persona 5 had a lot going for it. Great characters, incredible music, fun gameplay, solid dungeons, it had it all. So what could Persona 5 Royal possible add to all of that? Well, in a word, more

The recent drop of the massive Persona 5 Royal had everything that Persona 5 had, and even more. Some of these new additions were very welcome and a lot of fun, and some additions were a surprise, but cool nonetheless. 

Of all of the new elements Persona 5 Royal introduced, here are the top 5 we hope the Persona franchise continues to use. 

Showtime Attacks

persona 5 royal

Full disclosure, showtime attacks aren’t necessarily new; Persona 4 Golden featured tag team attacks, in which two characters would team up to take out an enemy that survived an All-Out Attack. However, Golden only had three of these attacks, and they are implemented very, very differently from P5R’s Showtime attacks. 

Showtime attacks don’t get enough credit for being as helpful as they are. Showtime attacks only trigger when needed, like when a team member loses a lot of health, or after a baton pass. They are wonderfully animated, there is a surprising amount of variety between them, and above all, they serve as really cool character moments. 

Seeing Makoto and Ryuji absolutely destroy a shadow together is awesome, but it is mostly fun because you get to see the two characters interact on their own, which is unfortunately rare. Seeing Ryuji joking around and swinging his weapon wildly contrasts with Makoto’s seriousness and poise, and you get a simple and fun understanding of their dynamic. 

They are hilarious, and I like to see the characters interacting with each other in interesting ways. Your party members are so good, it’s worth it to see them having fun together. I hope this trend, however small, of your friends being friends with each other continues into the next Persona games.

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