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10 Video Games That Dragged on for Way Too Long


10 Video Games That Dragged on for Way Too Long

Death Stranding

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For some, the first entry on our list of games that dragged on too long should not be a surprise. Even fans of the game must admit that Death Stranding stretches on for quite some time. It is a Kojima game so that’s partly expected but there’s a difference between a game being long and seeming like it goes on forever.

Death Stranding already is a lengthy game with its dense plot and 14 episodes but you add in the game’s signature gameplay then that stretches it on longer.

Treks from one location to another are grueling without a vehicle and even if you did have one, a lack of roads and flat terrain keep you from going fast and furious.

I personally loved Death Stranding but I can’t argue with the fact that having nearly 30 minutes of intro cutscenes at the start of the game is a tad too much.

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