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Things to Do After Beating Doom Eternal (Post Game)

doom eternal, things to do after beating

Things to Do After Beating Doom Eternal (Post Game)

Doom Eternal is a tough game and significantly longer than the 2016 reboot, so you might be exhausted by the time you roll credits on the story. If you’re hankering for more demon slaying action though, here are some suggestions of things to do after beating Doom Eternal.

Slayer Gates & Secret Encounters

Things to Do After Beating Doom Eternal

doom eternal

While Doom Eternal is full to the brim with combat encounters, there are some more scattered throughout levels that are optional. Slayer Gates and Secret Encounters can be tough and will test your skills, but they also help you unlock new things.

Secret Encounters are activated by interacting with those strange purple orbs that you’ll find around the map and they ask you to complete an encounter in a specific period of time. By completing them, you’ll unlock more Weapon Points to upgrade your weapon mods.

Slayer Gates are particularly tough arena set encounters away from the level you’re on that grant Empyrean Keys if you beat them. You need to find purple keys that are hidden in the map and you then need to find the entrance to the gate.

Once you’ve got all the Empyrean Keys, you’ll unlock the Unmakyr, which is the second of the super weapons in Doom Eternal.

If you didn’t complete all of these during your first playthrough, you can go back to every mission from the main menu to do so.

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