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10 Most Brutal & Metal Finishers in Doom Eternal


10 Most Brutal & Metal Finishers in Doom Eternal

Even to the most casual observer, the level of violence present in the modern Doom games is immediately apparent. Demons are routinely eviscerated, and their ichor stains everything in sight.

With the recent release of Doom: Eternal, developer id Software has ratcheted up the brutality of their infamous Glory Kills by several orders of magnitude. Let’s take a look at some of the most extreme examples, shall we?

Doomblade to the Eye


A new edition to the Doom Slayer’s arsenal, the Doomblade is a vicious, serrated blade attached to the left gauntlet of the Praetor suit.

As you might imagine, it plays a crucial role in Glory Kill animations, all of which occur at point-blank range.

Nothing too elaborate here, just a simple blade through the eye socket, but its the detail of the act that really sticks with you. Look at that poor demon, desperately struggling and ultimately losing to keep the point from inching closer. You almost feel sorry for it.

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