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5 Things Kingdom Hearts Needs to Improve Upon to Keep the Franchise Going Strong


5 Things Kingdom Hearts Needs to Improve Upon to Keep the Franchise Going Strong

Kingdom Hearts 3 marked the end of the Dark Seeker saga, putting a cap on the first arc of the series and honing the series to a fine point in several areas. It still left something to be desired in other areas though, which is why we’ve compiled a list of five things we want from the next mainline Kingdom Hearts game.

Better-Utilized Gameplay Mechanics

5 Things We Want From the Next Mainline Kingdom Hearts Game

We touched on this in a recent opinion piece regarding the ReMind DLC, but one of Kingdom Hearts 3’s weaker elements upon release was its gameplay; or rather, how little of it players actually had to learn.

Like past titles in the series, the game wasn’t too challenging to get through by mashing the attack button or spamming magic spells. Sure, some bosses saw a minor difficulty spike, but the majority of the game was a bit too breezy, even for newcomers to the series.

It was a shame, especially given how deep the gameplay actually was. Learning how to properly guard, dodge, use Shotlocks and pull off Reprisals all make the game a blast to play, and a spectacle that lives up to the insanity of the story.

Admittedly, the ReMind DLC addressed this with more challenging bosses who forced players to engage with these mechanics. And yet, it only served to make the lack of them in the base game more apparent.

As such, the next Kingdom Hearts game should put its gameplay mechanics front and center. Doing so will only make players that much more engaged with the title, and create even more dedicated fans who will sing the series’ praises as it moves into its next arc.

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