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Forget Batman and Superman; These 10 Superheroes Deserve Their Own Game ASAP


Forget Batman and Superman; These 10 Superheroes Deserve Their Own Game ASAP

What do Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Aquaman have in common? They all have “man” in their nom de heros. That, and they star in standalone video games of varying quality.

These are hardly the only heroes to land leading roles in video games, but because of them, there’s little room for other characters who also deserve video games. Here’s a few such worthy heroes.


she-hulk, superhero, video game

Jennifer Walters’ alter, greener ego might feature in several titles, including Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. However, she has yet to star in the limelight. Why, I must ask? She-Hulk is one of the physically strongest heroes in the Marvel universe —out-pacing and out-lifting anyone who isn’t the Hulk— and she’s a crack lawyer.

Granted, She-Hulk will soon receive her own TV show on Disney+, and she has received a ton of attention in the comics lately. However, She-Hulk is always second fiddle at best in video games. That needs to change, and I have an idea how.

Gamers love a sandbox experience where they can go wherever they want and destroy whatever they want, and they also like Phoenix Wright. So, why not marry the two in a She-Hulk game?

Imagine, if you will, a title that features plenty of open world destruction in the same vein of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. All the car brawlin, skyscraper jumping, gamma slammin’ you could ever want but with She-Hulk.

Add some Phoenix Wright-styled courtroom drama where Ms. Walters has to prove her client’s innocence (or a defendant’s guilt). These would potentially be different (and separate) from the rest of the open world gameplay and serve to both progress certain plot points and break up the action without relying on cutscenes. Plus, the courtroom scenes would provide added tension in the form of managing her stress since turning into a seven-foot giant who can benchpress the Titanic counts as witness intimidation.

Quite frankly, She-Hulk deserves a game because her unique mix of talents lends to a blend of game genres we’ve yet to see.

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