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People Are Making Fun of the PS5 Logo Reveal

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People Are Making Fun of the PS5 Logo Reveal

Last night, during Sony’s CES 2020 presentation, the company didn’t talk too much about its incoming next-generation console but the logo for the PS5 was revealed, which wasn’t all too shocking. Because of this lackluster logo reveal, there has been a ton of jokes and memes that have surfaced.

I don’t know what people expected to see with the new PS5 logo but maybe some were hoping for a fresh change as far as PlayStation logos go.

Anywho, it turns out that the PS5 logo is in fact just like the PS4 logo but with a 5 instead of a 4 –how revolutionary.

This first meme right here is probably my favorite of the bunch as it reuses a very popular TikTok video that cannot get enough of:

That must take a long time to make that new design; kudos to the lead graphic designer on the PS5 logo:

… a 5! WOW! Incredible…

A nod to the PS2 logo would have actually been sick for the PS5’s design:

That guy needs a promotion:

That’s all Sony had to do to make people talk about the PS5:

Praise Comic Sans:

The PS5 can do that to you:

It’s still loading:

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