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If Nintendo Does Make a Switch Pro, Here’s 5 Features It Should Have


If Nintendo Does Make a Switch Pro, Here’s 5 Features It Should Have

Rumors have been swirling about a potential upgrade Nintendo is planning for the Switch in 2020, a Switch Pro if you will. While nothing has been confirmed, Nintendo has a long history of console iterations. They did the same thing with the 3DS, releasing a more powerful version dubbed the New Nintendo 3DS.

On top of that, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X due out later this year, Nintendo might feel compelled to introduce a higher-end version of the Switch to stay relevant in the next-gen with their current-gen product.

If Nintendo does come out with a Switch Pro, there are some definite features and improvements we’d love to see.

Better Battery Life

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If there’s literally one feature Nintendo needs to add on with a new Switch, it’s better battery life. For a system that has the appeal of being an on-the-go handheld, the Switch really should be able to last longer. You have roughly 3-5 hours with the launch version of the system. The upgraded version released in 2019 bumps that up to 4-9, which still isn’t amazing.

The main draw of buying game re-released on Switch, like The Witcher 3 or Cuphead, is the ability to play it whenever and wherever you want. To that end, better battery life would be a huge draw for a new model, especially if you’re looking to get current Switch owners to upgrade.

The Switch is a fantastic little system, and its success is clear, but battery life has been one of the glaring flaws from the start.

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