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10 Classic Hot Weather Levels to Warm Your Icy Heart This Winter


10 Classic Hot Weather Levels to Warm Your Icy Heart This Winter

Are you staying rugged up this holiday season?

Whether you’re in Manchester or Seoul, Krakow or *points at arbitrary location in North America* Topeka, Kansas, it’s a chilling truth that the temperature is dropping and winter is setting in.

Never fear however, because your friends here at Twinfinite know that the greatest warmth comes from within, and that’s why we’ve assembled this list of hot weather levels in games that can help to stave off hypothermia in every way except literally.

Alternative intro: Here are some hot weather levels symbolic of this oppressive summer because the southern hemisphere is also a thing and we’re all melting down here.

Shell Shock (Cool Spot)

Trying to explain Cool Spot to anyone who missed the 90s makes you sound like a crazy person. After all, it’s a game where a 7-Up bottle washes up on the shore, and the logo becomes sentient and sets off to save its fellow cool spots. How and why this has occurred is unknown, along with the identity of the assailant who has set about imprisoning these innocent cool spots.

If you get through that conversation, they might even be ready to tackle the enormity of Pepsiman.

Seeing how the game begins on a beach, it feels right that it starts off our list. It might seem like a nice spot to hang out, but don’t let your guard down for too long, lest you be accosted by crabs hidden in the sand, or hermit crabs that are making a beeline for you. Yes, the enemies in this level are both crabs. Don’t blame me, I didn’t make the damn game.

Once you pass the sixth level of Cool Spot, you’ll actually make your way back through the previous stages all over again, albeit with new enemies and obstacles, so the beach is actually the last level of this game as well. Part of me is tempted to channel this energy by having that stage as the last entry on this list, too.

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