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10 Games That Let You Embrace Your Animal Instincts


10 Games That Let You Embrace Your Animal Instincts

Yoku’s Island Express

Even animals need jobs in some worlds, and few positions are more important for communication than that of a postman.

In Yoku’s Island Express, players control Yoku, a dung beetle that just took over the postmaster position on the fictional island of Mokumana.

While the island is filled to the brim with a cast of colorful anthropomorphic characters, it also is also home to a looming calamity.

Alongside delivering mail, Yoku must adventure across the island via a combination of platforming and pinball mechanics in order to save the deity that protects it.

Though I can’t confidently say I’d be entirely too comfortable with a dung beetle delivering my mail, Yoku is certainly a capable mailman, even more so than some delivery services in real life.

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