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10 Best Xbox One Games of 2019 so Far, Ranked


10 Best Xbox One Games of 2019 so Far, Ranked

10. A Plague Tale: Innocence

best xbox one games of 2019 so far

Asobo Studios may not have the funds or horsepower to rival AAA studios in terms of looks on Xbox One, but it nevertheless created an effective and moving game about surviving a dangerous plague, not to mention human adversaries.

Although the game has a bit more jank than is typical for something from Naughty Dog, A Plague Tale: Innocence makes up for it with a stellar cast and excellent writing, along with a sufficiently deep and engaging combat system.

One of our main concerns with A Plague Tale was the presence of bugs, but Asobo Studios has consistently released patches for all platforms, including Xbox One, addressing these concerns since its launch in May.

Otherwise, we mostly loved the game, and we can’t wait to see where Asobo Studios goes from here.

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