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The Best Fortnite Events, All 9 Ranked


The Best Fortnite Events, All 9 Ranked

Epic Games’ Fortnite has been a dominating force on the landscape of video games for over two years now. Its compelling gameplay certainly helps it to retain its player base, but Epic’s attention to in-game events have helped it really distinguish Fortnite as a cutting-edge title. To celebrate everything that’s come so far, we’re taking a look at the most memorable Fortnite events, ranked.

9. Ice Storm (S7)

best Fortnite events

The Ice Storm event was cool in concept, but ultimately it just didn’t really wow us quite as much as the other events that came before and after it. Rounding out Season 7, the Ice Storm initially saw the Ice King cast a spell and conceal himself in a ball above Polar Peak.

A few days later, when the event took place, the Ice King burst out of the icy sphere and cast a giant projection of himself in the southwest area of the map. With a wave of his hands, he brought in a giant blizzard that covered the map in snow.

Having a snowy-themed map was cool and all, but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t already seen with the southwest corner of the map. By no means a bad event, but it just can’t compete with the rest of ’em.

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