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Every Gigantamax Form Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, so Far

gigantamax forms in pokemon sword and shield, new galar pokemon

Every Gigantamax Form Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, so Far

Pokemon Sword and Shield are bringing in a bunch of new Pokemon that call the Galar region their home, but that’s not the only new thing coming to the next-gen mainline Pokemon games. We’re also getting Gigantamax forms of several different Pokemon.

Gigantamaxing not only increases a Pokemon’s stats like attack and defense, but it changes the look of the Pokemon as well and gives it new types of moves.

Here’s a list of every new Gigantamax form that’s been revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield so far. We’ll be sure to update this list as more forms get announced.

Gigantamax Pikachu

gigantamax forms in pokemon sword and shield

Fat Pikachu is back baby! Game Freak has revealed that Pikachu will indeed have a Gigantamax form in Pokemon Sword and Shield and it hearkens back to the good ol’ days of the past when Pikachu was just a little bit chubbier (and lovable).

It stands tall at a whopping 68 feet and it can store electricity in its body that rivals an actual power plant –wow.

The new move that Pikachu can use in this Gigantamax form is called G-Max Volt Crash, which causes damage and paralyzes Pokemon on the field, even ground-types!

It’s also worth noting that this special version of Pikachu can only be obtained in the game if you have a save file from Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu.

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