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Code Vein Weapon Transformation Explained: How to Get Chrome, What Transformation Does

code vein, weapon transformation

Code Vein Weapon Transformation Explained: How to Get Chrome, What Transformation Does

Developed by Bandai Namco, Code Vein is a brand new third-person action RPG that shares quite a few similarities with From Software’s Souls series. This includes the way you upgrade your weapons and armor, as well as the ability to imbue them with special properties. Here’s how the weapon transformation system works in Code Vein, and everything you need to know about it.

Code Vein Weapon Transformation System Explained

What Weapon Transformation Does

If you’re familiar with the Souls games, you’ll know that the blacksmith often offers you the opportunity to explore different upgrade trees for your weapons if you have special Titanite. As such, your regular melee weapons could be permanently imbued with special effects or elements like Bleed and Poison, or even Fire and Bolt.

That same concept comes into play with Code Vein’s weapon transformation system as well. As far as we can tell, there are 12 possible transformations you can check out for your weapons and armor, as listed below:

  • Alleviation: improves weight
  • Fortification: improves attack and defense at the cost of weight
  • Intensification: improves scaling
  • Gifts: improves base stats
  • Devour: improves Drain rating
  • Fire: improves Fire attack and defense
  • Ice: improves Ice attack and defense
  • Lightning: improves Lightning attack and defense
  • Venom: improves Venom build-up and resistance
  • Stun: improves Stun build-up and resistance
  • Inhibit: improves Inhibit build-up and resistance
  • Slow: improves Slow build-up and resistance

Now it’s worth noting that while weapon transformation can be very useful for inflicting status ailments and doing elemental damage, it always comes at a cost. In fact, it’ll usually reduce your equipment’s base stats a little to balance things out.

Because of this, we generally don’t recommend playing around with weapon transformation until you’ve got a character build in mind.

Code Vein Weapon Transformation – How to Do It

To transform your weapons or armor, simply head back to Home Base and talk to Murasame.

Choose the Transform option, and you’ll be able to transform either your weapons or armor. As always, you’ll need to give up a bit of Haze and some upgrade materials to complete the process.

How to Get Chrome

Unlike the Queen upgrade materials, Chrome is a lot rarer and harder to get. It’s also the key material required for transformation in Code Vein.

So far, the only reliable way to get Chrome is by accumulating Trading Points with the NPCs at Home Base, and exchanging them for various types of Chrome.

They can also be dropped by enemies, but the drop rate seems relatively rare. For instance, we’ve only been able to farm Isis Chrome from the enemies at the Cathedral of Sacred Blood. So if you really want to experiment with transformation, accrue Trading Points with NPCs and get your Chrome that way.

That’s all you need to know about how weapon transformation works in Code Vein. Be sure to check our Code Vein guide wiki or search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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