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10 Things to Do After Beating Borderlands 3 (Post-Game/Endgame)


10 Things to Do After Beating Borderlands 3 (Post-Game/Endgame)

Though Borderlands 3 may be a long game with a lengthy story, there will come a time when you finish its main missions and are left to find something else to occupy your time with the game. That’s why we’re here with a quick rundown of 10 things to do after beating Borderlands 3.

Play True Vault Hunter Mode

things to do after beating borderlands 3

After beating Borderlands 3, you’ll gain the option to start True Vault Hunter mode, Borderlands 3’s take on new game plus mode.

While playing this mode, you’ll be able to play through the game again while taking on stronger enemies in line with your current level. This will allow you to play through each of the game’s main missions and story beats all over again, all while advancing further through your character’s skill trees.

This is ideal if you enjoyed having some structure to how you play, and would rather see some of the game’s characters interacting with you and the world again.

Likewise, it can be useful if there were parts of the main story you didn’t catch every element of, and want to see again to make sure you caught everything.

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