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12 Best Trailers Shown at TGS 2019


12 Best Trailers Shown at TGS 2019

The trailers shown at Tokyo Game Show this year were incredible, and they gave us a tantalizing taste of some of the hottest games coming to us from Japanese developers.

We got an extended look at a bunch of different games and even got some release date reveals. Let’s take a look at some of the best trailers out of TGS 2019.

Project Resistance

Project Resistance caused a bit of a stir right before the Tokyo Game Show, as news of its existence leaked. We are about due for the announcement of a mainline RE game, so expectations were high.

Well, not quite. Project Resistance is a multiplayer game, and while that might not have been what the majority of fans where expecting, it looks like it will be solid game regardless.

A gameplay trailer was shown, and the asynchronous style of gameplay looks quite different from other RE multiplayer entries like Operation: Racoon City. Time will tell how the finished product plays.

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