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10 Things to Do First in Borderlands 3


10 Things to Do First in Borderlands 3

Resolution vs. Performance in Borderlands 3

Before you do anything else in Borderlands 3, if you’re playing on PS4 Pro or Xbox One (sorry for everyone else, we promise we’ll be quick with this one), you’ll have to choose between favoring the game displaying in a 4K resolution at 30 fps, or running at a full HD 1080p, but at a buttery smooth 60 fps.

Our personal preference is to go for performance, as the bump up in framerate makes Borderlands 3’s combat feel even more fast-paced and fluid, and the 4K bump in resolution from 1080 just doesn’t seem all that noticeable with Borderlands 3’s cel-shaded visuals.

Plus there have been some reports from players that Borderlands 3 doesn’t preform all that great at points while in visual mode.

At the end of the day, though, everyone’s different, so pick what you fancy. You can always change it later on when playing the game from the settings menu anyway.

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