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7 Final Video Game Bosses That Were Total Pushovers


7 Final Video Game Bosses That Were Total Pushovers

So you’ve grinded your way to the end of the game, you’ve saved up every last consumable item for this moment, your stats are optimally tuned and your weapons are fully upgraded to take on the final boss.

You enter that final room and are greeted by the game’s last encounter, the climax of the game, the end is finally in sight.

You begin the fight, only to find out that the boss is so easy that you could have beaten them with your eyes closed.

Unfortunately, this has been a far too common occurrence in video games over the past twenty years. So much so, that we have compiled a list of some of the most notable offenders. Here are seven final bosses that were total pushovers.

We’re going to start this list with a very obvious final boss, but consider this your spoiler warning for the rest. There’s only one game from this generation and it’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the final entry in case you’re worried about anything recent.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Ganon

boss pushover ganon

You might be asking yourself, “How can one of the best games of all time make it on this list?”

The answer is simple, Ganon’s final form is a complete pushover.

For as great as Ocarina of Time was and continues to be, the adventure you go on and enemies you face easily overshadow the final encounter of the game.

To defeat the final boss of the game, the player simply needs to dodge a very missable swing by Ganon, then wail on his obviously glowing tail until he is defeated.

Don’t feel like dodging? No worries! Just shoot him with a single light arrow to cause a massive amount of stun and wack his tail until he falls.

There is no nuance in the battle, no different attack patterns from Ganon, and no other forms that make the battle more difficult. The hardest part of the battle is the test of patience it will put you through when you realize how easy it is.

Although the visual setting is dramatic as you fight upon the rubble left by Ganon’s castle, the battle itself is quite anti-climatic considering the legendary journey you went through to get there.

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